Thursday, November 4, 2010


You and your bullshit
Up to your knees and up to no good
And everything you say and do
And you and the bullshit are so well suited
To each other.

You and your bullshit
I’m fed up to here and you and your shit-faced grin
In and out of my life
Like my ex-wife who you must know
From your bullshit past.

You and your bullshit
In your Abercrombie rags drinking pink martinis
In retro lounges
Alone, because in the real world
Your bullshit repels.

You and your bullshit
In a spanky new mustang you borrowed
to drive through McDonalds to share a Value Meal
with a girl who by now
wishes she was dead.

You and your bullshit
And your “love of jazz” as if you even know
Who Chet Baker is or that Elvis Costello hired him to play a trumpet solo
On his 1983 album “Punch the clock” on the song “Shipbuilding”.
(Anyone who claims to know jazz, should know that Elvis Costello
Hired Chet Baker to play a trumpet solo on his 1983 album “Punch the Clock”
On the song “Shipbuilding”)

So I call bullshit.

You and your bullshit
When does it ever end and who do you think
Believes any of it except you
And your bullshit
And your make-believe bullshit world.

You and your bullshit
Might change the world if it could be tapped
and used to fuel cars or clean water or
convince cancer cells to stop growing
(though the way you tell it, it already does.)

You and your bullshit
Was mentioned on the Discovery Channel yesterday
Because the janitor at the International Space Station
Smelled something bad and determined
it was you,
and your incredible, ruthlessly and unrelentingly annoying

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